Our Approach

Our Philosophy

Chiropractic care shouldn’t be a crutch for your injury. It should resolve the root of the problem and strengthen your body so you can have long-term function without pain. We do corrective care, not symptom care. We look at patients holistically and create customized treatment plans with the perfect mix of our services to get you back to the lifestyle you love quickly and safely.

We care about feet

Feet are the foundation of the body. If your feet are misaligned, you will experience a cascade of negative effects throughout the body. For this reason, no matter what problem we’re focusing on, we will always examine and adjust your feet!

What Makes Us Different

Beyond the Back

Most people think of the spine when they think of chiropractic care, and it’s true that most chiropractors focus solely on the spine. We uniquely focus on the whole body and have proven success in addressing the most challenging injuries of the extremities (e.g.: shoulders, wrists, knees and feet) as well as the spine.

Custom Treatment Plans

We’ve tested many different treatment plans over the years, and quickly realized that while individual services work great, combining them is like dynamite. Our range of services is similar to other chiropractors, but we differ in the way we combine them to reduce the length and increase the effectiveness of treatment.

A Toolbox of Techniques

There are many different chiropractic adjustment techniques, and most chiropractors are experts in just one or two. But we noticed that different techniques worked better for different problems and different people. We use the full toolbox of techniques, customizing our approach for each patient.