What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

You have two rows of small bones called carpals in each of your wrists, and they are arched over the median nerve. Sometimes the carpals can fall or rise from their proper position, putting pressure on the ligaments around the nerve and causing inflammation. This can happen at the gym when your forearms and wrists aren’t yet strong enough to support your body weight or the weights you are lifting. It can also happen at the office when you type on a keyboard all day without proper support for your wrist.

How we treat carpal tunnel syndrome

Most doctors will say you have a compressed nerve. They recommend surgery to cut the ligament around the nerve and relieve the tightness caused by inflammation. This type of surgery may be required if the problem has been present for a long time. But if we can catch it early, we can get you back to normal without surgery.

We adjust the carpals back into their proper position and use cold laser to reduce inflammation and promote healing. We check to ensure that the size of the flexor and extensor muscles in your wrist are within the proper ratio, and use rehab to restore balance if needed. We also use rehab to strengthen the muscles in your wrist, which assists in the healing process and helps prevent future exacerbation.