Areas We Treat

We focus on the whole body, not just the spine, and we have a proven track record of resolving many challenging injuries that would otherwise have ended in surgery.


Your extremities are your shoulders, wrists, knees, feet … in other words, your limbs. Most chiropractors focus only on the spine; we are different because we have deep expertise in addressing extremity injuries, reducing further injury and improving athletic performance.

Most issues we see in the extremities are caused by a misalignment of bones that leads to inflammation, pain and ultimately dysfunction. We fix the root of the problem (the misalignment) with chiropractic adjustment, then bring in our full toolkit of services to reduce inflammation and strengthen the area so the problem is less likely to happen again.

The Spine

We treat the full spectrum of spinal issues, from lower back pain to headaches. While most chiropractors use just one or two adjustment techniques, we have expertise in a wide variety of techniques and adapt our approach to each patient’s body and needs.

We believe in working towards long-term resolution of the issues caused by spinal misalignment instead of getting patients addicted to frequent chiropractic adjustments. Once we resolve the root of the problem, we’ll bring in our other services to increase your strength so we’re not a crutch, but a solution.

Learn How We Treat ...

Plantar fasciitis, Sport injury concept

Plantar Fasciitis

Are you suffering from foot pain? Dr. Barbara explains what plantar fasciitis is and how we address it so you can get back to your normal activities.
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Closeup woman holding her hand pain from using computer long time. Office syndrome concept.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel doesn’t have to end in surgery if you address the problem soon enough. Dr. Barbara explains what’s really going on and how we treat it.
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Sport injury, Man with shoulder pain

Shoulder Issues

There are so many shoulder conditions, but they all stem from the same issues in the shoulder region. Learn about our approach and the conditions we treat.
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