Success Stories

Hear from our patients — from pro athletes to local professionals to parents — about their journeys to overcome pain and injury to return to a healthy, active lifestyle.
Jay Fielder
NFL Quarterback

“Dr. Peter Marciante has a wealth of knowledge in body mechanics and alignments. He did a great job in getting my back in line, so that I could maximize my physical training regiment.”

Wes Welker
NFL Wide Receiver

“Back in Line Chiropractic Center has enhanced my ability to perform on the field. Their innovative techniques have helped me to stay healthy through a long, strenuous season. Not only are they good at what they do, but they are good people in general.”

Chris Chambers
NFL Pro Bowl Wide Receiver

“I’ve been coming to Back in Line for two years. I have not had any injuries or setbacks since coming here. I have not missed a workout, practice, or game. I feel a lot stronger and faster, and I have better balance.

I used to get bad tendonitis in my knees for a while, but not since seeing Dr. Peter. I like the people that work here: a dedicated staff, and a office with a real family environment.”

Clifford Russell
NFL Wide Receiver

“I want to thank Back In Line Chiropractic Center for all their work that they performed on me during my tenure with the Miami Dolphins. My back and knees have never felt better. Not only did you help me to play pain free but you also enhanced my own God given abilities. Thank you for being there for me, even when you were closed.”

Bernex Fleurinor
Professional Bodybuilder, Former Mr. USA

“Dr. Peter and Dr. Barbara and staff, I want to thank you for all that you have done for me, as far as treatment. I never knew what a true chiropractor really meant until I received treatment from your office. The passion and the pride you’ve shown in your line of work is impeccable and that is why I am was able to become the champion that I am today. For that I thank you very much. God Bless.”

Rodrigo Navarrete
World Champion Kick Boxer

“My name is Rodrigo Navarrete. I’ve been in the Martial Arts for 41 years. Now, I want to say that since I’ve been under the care and direction of Back In Line Chiropractic Center, my body has become twice as flexible, strong, balanced, calm … the list goes on. I’m living proof that Dr. Peter and Dr. Barbara Marciante and staff take great pride in their work. At 51 years of age, I feel 20 years old physically. Thank you Back In Line!”

Darian Barnes
NFL Fullback

“As a patient of Dr. Peter Marciante, I have witnessed, first hand, him and his staff’s commitment to excellence in the chiropractic field, as well as other valuable methods in regards to rehabilitation and strengthening the body. Whether you’re a pro athlete, a house wife or anything for that matter, Back In Line Chiropractic Center is South Florida’s answer to chiropractic and rehabilitation done right.”

Karen Foster
Plantation, FL

“Chiropractic care has improved my life immensely. Managing my pain from my injury, without resorting to medications or surgery, has helped me feel positive about my health and enjoy many pain free days. What has pleased me most about my course of treatment at Back In Line is the way Dr. Peter always listens intently to how I am feeling. He’s always open to trying new methods and knows my body and injury so well. I believe in his knowledge and methods and wouldn’t trust anyone else to take care of my injury.”

Randy McMichael
NFL Tight End

“When I come to Back in Line, I always feel better physically and mentally. After a hard game, I come to get my body back in working order and while I’m here, the people in the office make me feel at home. I don’t know where my career would be without Back In Line Chiropractic Center.”

Betty Garner
Plantation, FL

“For almost thirty years I have been in great pain, despite the almost constant use of various pain killers. I woke up in pain and went to sleep in pain. I saw one doctor after another and was unsuccessful at getting a relevant diagnosis. Some doctors even had the gall to suggest that I was faking it in order to obtain the medication for scurrilous purposes. Imagine if you will never feeling good and missing out on many of life’s pleasures simply because every bone in your body seemed to be on fire. One day I went into Costco for no reason in particular, and met Dr. Pete. He, Lani and Doug were promoting their business and convinced my boyfriend and I to give chiropractic a try. Out of curiosity, and perhaps desperation, I made an appointment, and discovered that all my joints and vertebrae were very badly “subluxated.” Dr. Pete worked on me with dedication and a Christian heart, and within a relatively short time, I was able to go off the pain killers completely. (Imagine how happy my internal organs are!) At first I felt infuriated that no doctor ever suggested this to me before, but the past is the past, and my future looks bright. I have very little to complain about these days, and I thank God for bringing Drs. Pete and Barb into my life.”

Ronnie Brown
NFL Pro Bowl Wide Receiver

“Due to Back In Line Chiropractic Center, my body has made a tremendous jump. Before coming here I had a few ailments that have been improved or taken care of. It is a pleasure to be treated by Dr. Peter and Dr. Barbara Marciante.”